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Routine Preventive MAN-tenance

Routine preventive vehicle maintenance is a lot like going in for a dental checkup where going in late is better than not going in at all, but you’re less likely to run into surprises if you go regularly. So, to avoid the car version of a root canal, you go into the dealership service department every 6 months or every 5,000 to 10,000 miles to have routine preventive maintenance performed on your vehicle at a dealership determined price.

Routine preventive maintenance is defined as maintenance that is regularly performed on a piece of equipment to lessen the likelihood of it failing. It is performed while the equipment is still in good working order so that it does not breakdown unexpectedly. The goal of a successful preventive maintenance program is to establish consistent practices designed to improve the overall performance and safety of the equipment. The advantages of performing regular preventive maintenance on the equipment includes the following: (1) extending the useful lifecycle; (2) enhancing the maximum efficiency; and (3) maintaining the top performance.  

This preventive maintenance definition can easily be applied to men’s health as preventive MANtenance, where the equipment is now synonymous with the man and his well-being. Let’s be honest men, some of us, myself included, do treat our masculine bodies like a piece of hardware equipment that you just rented from the United Rentals across town. Sadly, this equipment has likely had more preventive maintenance than the weekend warrior that has just rented it to perform a task off his honey do list.

Why is this the case? Well, historically we men have taken much better care of the 2 or 4 wheeled modes of transportation, than we have these 2 arms and 2 legs that we will obviously and hopefully have in our possession for a lifetime. That is unless you are aware of a literal “Body Shop that is selling spare arms and legs. Nah… I didn’t think so. Men, while you are changing your oil, air filter, spark plugs, and rotating those tires on your truck, car, or motorcycle, be sure to service your one and only engine on a regular basis. This will extend your lifecycle, enhance your maximum efficiency in your daily life, and allow you to maintain your top performance for all your natural life. And unlike your mechanical vehicle, where brand name and generic parts are readily available at your local auto parts store or you can have them delivered from store to door in less than 72 hours, this is definitely not the case when your internal engine parts show signs of wear, tear, or premature failure. For the record, a great percentage of people die on the transplant list while waiting for an infection / disease free, genetically compatible, fully functioning, viable, life-saving organ!

Men, if you can’t remember when you last saw your doctor or haven’t seen your doctor since “Trey” was 2 years old (now he’s 16 and driving), then it is definitely time to schedule your next appointment so that you can get your oil (blood), tire pressure (blood pressure), and spark plugs (heart) checked for any signs of wear, tear, abnormality, or early premature failure.

We must take care of our health so that we can be here for those who depend on us the most!

And remember, it’s easier to stay well, than it is to get well! #PryorityMale

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Yours in Health & Wellness, Eric

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